Bagde’s Residence

MR. BAGDE’S RESIDENCE : A bespoke, ultra modern home for a client with discerning tastes & very specific requirements, this bungalow is built with an intention to create its own…

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Santosh Sachi

MR. SANTOSH SACHI’S BUNGALOW : The exterior elevation can be identified as the literal identity of any building. Without any flash, glamour or glitz, this building is designed using understated…

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Vineet Biyani’s Bangalow

MR. VINEET BIYANI’S BANGALOW : An unusual profile not normally associated with ordinary bungalows, makes this project stand out. This 2 storied bungalow, located along curb of a bustling intersection,…

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Kaushalya Residence

KAUSHALYA RESIDENCE : The building itself is a design of brick masses. Most striking is the strong connection made between interior & exterior through dematerialized surfaces. Seen from outside, the…

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